Enclosed Blinds

Hide Your Blinds With Enclosed Blinds

Sometimes things need to be neat and tidy, including your mini blinds. You can clean them and clean them but the dirt and dust returns week after week. There are now enclosed window blinds and enclosed blinds for doors on the market that retract the blind into the window sill, or down into the door, so that it can't be seen. The actual blind is enclosed in the window so little dust and dirt can get to the blind. There is no binding, swinging, no cords for safety reasons and no cleaning.

Pressed between two tempered sheets of glass, the enclosed blinds will increase energy efficiency by helping to maintain indoor room temperature. This is one of the biggest selling points of the new enclosed window blinds and enclosed blinds for door. 

Add on Enclosed Door Blind for 8
Add on Enclosed Door Blind for 8" X 36" Door Window
72x80 Patio Steel French Doors w/ 15 Lite Strips, Glass, Enclosed Add On Blinds
72x80 Patio Steel French Doors w/ 15 Lite Strips, Glass, Enclosed Add On Blinds
Treestand Blind Stand Kit Hunting Shooting Deer Hidden Concealed Enclosed 2 Per
Treestand Blind Stand Kit Hunting Shooting Deer Hidden Concealed Enclosed 2 Per
BWM226401 - 22x64
BWM226401 - 22x64" Enclosed White Blind for Steel Doors
ODL BWM256601 25
ODL BWM256601 25"x66" Enclosed Blind for Patio Doors
White Glass Plastic Enclosed Top-Down Half-View Horizontal Door Blinds (22 x 36)
White Glass Plastic Enclosed Top-Down Half-View Horizontal Door Blinds (22 x 36)
Set of 2 enclosed white blinds with window for steel doors 20
Set of 2 enclosed white blinds with window for steel doors 20" x 64"
22" x 64" enclosed white blinds for 32" X 80" steel door
ODL 22
ODL 22 "x 64" Add-On Enclosed Blinds in White Model BWM226401 Lot # 4331
ODL BWM256601 25
ODL BWM256601 25"x 66" Enclosed Blind for Flush Framed Window Patio Door
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Privacy is another added bonus to the enclosed window blinds and enclosed door blinds. These blinds are great in the front door, even with a side light, the enclosed window or enclosed door can be installed with little effort and time. And the front door is a great place to control the privacy of your own home. Other places to consider installing an enclosed blind for doors would be the patio doors, which see a lot of traffic, especially in the summer, and since these blinds are enclosed in the door, there is no need to worry about clean up. The kitchen door is another place an enclosed blind for doors would be a good idea, for privacy. You control the amount of light and privacy you want at all times.

Enclosed windows blinds would make the bathroom, especially one on the first floor, much more private than a curtain alone or any other type of blind. During the day, the enclosed window would allow light to come through and help to retain the temperature and at night would provide the privacy needed for bath time. And no cords hanging down is a very good safety feature for children.

Levolor blinds are a brand name blind that carry every type of blind you can imagine. They carry the enclosed window blinds and the enclosed blinds for doors, bamboo blinds and wood blinds, faux wood blinds and fabric blinds and vinyl blinds. They have been in business since 1914 and remain one of the top selling blinds manufacturers in the country. They are located in High Point, North Carolina.

Since the fabric is enclosed in the glass, there is no need for dusting or cleaning. Dust can not reach the fabric with the enclosed window blinds or the enclosed door blinds. However, since installation is so simple, you could take the enclosed blinds for doors or enclosed window apart and vacuum the fabric if need be, but I doubt you will need to any time soon!

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Light Blocking Wood Blinds

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Painting Window Blinds

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From just and accent for your furniture to a splash of color, don't hide your blinds behind drapes, let them be part of your interior design. Wood blinds can be painted multiple times, but it is best to have an idea going in. For a consistent pattern determine your design beforehand by drawing a simulation with colored pencils on graph paper.

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When I called to see my old friend Carla last week I expected to find her in the living room in the shade, as it was a hot day. Instead she was sitting out in her conservatory, enjoying looking out at her beautiful garden. The reason she was there was because she had fitted conservatory window blinds to her sunroom recently and they had given her conservatory a whole new lease of life.